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Our Roots

"the goal is not only to survive, but to thrive.."

We thought the start of 2020 would be an exciting way to enter into a new decade. Although eventful, it wasn't exactly in the most positive way as Covid-19 tested the world's foundations. After its initial months of lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus, we continued to see tensions stirred as political divide is at an all time high. Soon after, the death of George Floyd was added to the social climate and sparked sadness, anger, and rage throughout the nation. Already at a low, we have never seen our country at such a great divergence. Never have we seen people need more love and unity than ever. Never have we seen people need more positivity and more light in their life to relief these pains. 

Perla Diaz, Amairani Noriega and Kamila Fuentes, co-workers who tended to plants, leading up to this point in 2020 would regularly discuss the self evident bomb awaiting in culture, politics, and society. Summer 2020 was the tipping point; we were tired of complaining about things and not doing anything about it. 


In sadness, confusion, and frustration at the turn of events during this time, Perla expressed herself through her writing, and wrote down, "What if we planted a tree for every life lost in racial tensions? What if we cleaned the freeway to protest pollution in our city?.." Amairani responds to her, "so why don't we do that...?"

That's when Plants for People was born.

We decided that instead of contributing to this great divide we've seen in our country, we will be the love and the glue, the anecdote.. We are the star seeds helping humanity heal. We will show, that when we heal ourselves we can help heal others. We will show the strengths of our minds, the importance of community. ​We will show that although we may not be able to solve the world's problems, it doesn't mean we can't start with small changes in our community. We will show that underneath all the labels that keep us apart, we're first human. 

We can't clean a society without first cleaning our house. Change can be impossible to ask from the world in its entirety, but change within ourselves seems so much more attainable.. 

We share our influence by engaging in various sorts of community service, plant installations, community cleanups and and sharing information and knowledge about Mother Nature, Collective Consciousness, Spirituality & Healing. 

It is our mission to help plant seeds of knowledge, oneness, and love. To stretch our roots into the people with community service. To pay attention to what waters us and helps us thrive. To promote growth and healing towards the light of The Source...


The point is when we tend to ourselves, our entire garden can finally bloom. This creates an essence of abundance, richness, community, life, as the fruits and flowers to be enjoyed by others, all while fulfilling their own purpose of just BEING ... 

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The Team 

"Alone, we can do so little.. Together, we can do so much.." - Helen Keller 

Perla Diaz was born and raised in a small beach community in New Jersey until she attended college to study Psychology at University of South Florida & Florida State University. In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles to use her psychology skills unconventionally and pursued a creative career in photography. She currently is a fashion, lifestyle, and portrait photographer and she spends her free time in nature and with her pets. She is the founder and oversees both creative & operational directions of Plants for People, its social media, and its activities. Check out her photography on her Instagram.  

Amairani Noriega is a Californian Native and grew up in Coachella Valley. She attended Cal State LA and earned a degree in Graphic Design. She is currently a multimedia artist and living close knit with her ties in her El Sereno community, family and friends, and kitten. She contributes to Plants for People both operationally and creatively by creating the logo, website design, and any artwork for any events. View more of Amairani work on her Instagram

Kamila Fuentes is an Arizonian native residing in Los Angeles. Moving here when she was 16, California has given her the emotional, fundamental, & creative space to develop into the young woman she is. She is pursuing dance professionally, and more importantly it is her passion. She fills her free time with her friends, mother, and cat. Kamila's best contribution to Plants for People is her excitement and hard work in volunteer work, and getting amazing people together. Follow Kamila on Instagram!  

Joanna DeLane is California grown, city girl with a country heart and roots from Texas. She relocated west to pursue her career in acting and filmmaking. Joanna is passionate about environmentalism, and is a philanthropist in the making as she committed herself to a minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle and finds joy in giving back to her community. Here at Plants for People, Joanna contributes as an event organizer and supply contributor. In her spare time, she enjoys her hobbies as a a cake sculptor/decorator for her small business The Cake Act. For more info and to see her cakes visit her website and Instagram.

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