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Safety, COVID-19 & Hazardous Waste

We are asking all volunteers to please wear a mask for the duration of the cleanup. Not only are we trying to protect ourselves from COVID-19, but a mask will help protect you from any dust or debris that gets kicked up. In addition, please use additional protection (gloves, glasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, etc) if necessary. It is important we conduct ourselves with higher awareness, as waste can be hazardous. 


Large & Bulky Items

We will not be removing bulky or large items from the street. What we will do instead, is pick up trash & litter around the items, and neatly organize the pile, if possible. We will then report the dumped & bulky items to the city for removal using the MyLA311 app. 

The MYLA311 app is an amazing resource available to LA residents to request services such as animal services, bulky items, service repair requests, and graffiti removal.  


Unhoused Residents

The intention of a cleanup is to remove litter and trash, not any valuables that may belong to the unhoused. We can ask if they can use our help discarding any items, as well as pick up any trash and litter in the surrounding areas. This way, we can still do what we need to do, and treat the unhoused with respect. 

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