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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The first project we kicked off with was a plant and art installation at Echo Park in memory to those lost at the hands of injustice by our police force. We asked our community to come together and donate small trinkets, art work, words of affirmation, blessings, and of course plants to decorate this tree stump in Echo Park.

So many of our donations were extremely special: a deer antler from Native American culture, a hand-made & blessed dream catcher mailed from Tennessee, meaningful and hand-made gifts from family, poetry, sage, and even self building books. We had poetry written by our community, art, and photography prints. We had a love box where passerby's would write their wishes for humanity. The plants were planted in pots that were painted in different skin tones. Most importantly, we included a framed list of names we've lost at the hands of law enforcement.

After the installment, we hung out from a distance to watch people's reactions that passed by. A few people left love letters behind, some took photos. We even saw a homeless man sage himself, and another walker passing by. Everyone left with smiles.

That's the intention of our installment. To give people a moment to pause and collect themselves. To give people a moment to admire the things about humans that make us so similar. To look at the trinkets, recognizing they come from different corners and perspectives from the world that all contribute to LOVE. We felt through this time of division, it was so very important to remind ourselves what we actually do have in common, rather than what we don't.

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